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Our Story

Partnering a refreshingly elevated boutique wine list with a French-fusion menu in a space capable of transporting even the savviest of patrons to Paris’s Hotel Costes, Pardon My FRENCH Bar & Kitchen sets a standard.

A romantic dinner for two, a happy hour with friends, a quiet cocktail alone . . . Pardon My FRENCH provides an eloquent moment suspended.

Each detail is attended to, enabling you to capitalize on the time you chose to enjoy for yourself. Infusive music sets the ambiance as you order your first cocktail or pour over your choice of grape and year. The party sitting next to you becomes friends without your even realizing, as the first course arrives at your table.

Stop in for a happy hour cocktail or a glass of wine. Reserve a table for you and your friends for weekend brunch. Ask the first date to meet you, or take the love of your life. Pardon My FRENCH will do the rest.

Pardon My FRENCH Bar & Kitchen, a home, an experience, an escape.